Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phone calls that make your day

Last time the Eagles were in concert I went with a "friend" of mine named Chris. We both love the Eagles, and especially certain songs kind of also had meaning. It was secret code when we would play the songs when we were out and about. Well, last night he was at their concert and kept calling during those specific songs. would not say a word, just called to let me hear them. That really got me excited for Thursday night when I will see them again live thanks to my work.

Now if the Eagles are not excitement enough...Friday morning I will head out to Winter Retreat. This year it is starting on Thursday, so I will miss a little bit of it. And actually, I am really sad that I will not be there for the whole thing. You miss one second, you will miss alot! And Jayne will be there, been way too long since we have seen Jayne! She has been missed. Now am I ready for Winter Retreat? That would be a big fat.....NO! I am no where close to being ready. Now being on Yoville last night for a couple of hours did not help matters at all. I will have to drag myself away and only allow a very little bit. I did check in this morning, and I did dance, kiss, and throw water balloons this morning before work. So, I atleast have that much completed. Thanks to my mom for checking in during the day I will get my points. I am finally Vice President so I get 350 coins now for checking in. And found out you can earn up to 200 points for games a day! So, you know what I did... yep I got maxed out at a "max out party". Pathic I know! I also realized I have a empty bathroom, after I bought more windows to decorate one of my bedrooms. So, Now I can not buy anything else until I earn coins to decorate my bathroom. Thought I had, guess I have 2 bathrooms? Still learning new things! But I am still refusing to buy the Yoville cash. But man that Tiffany style lamp looks cool, and I am pet less lol. Wow, I sound like I am a crack addict needing my fix. That is it....Yoville is computer crack. You go to the site and the crack comes from within the keyboard lol

Ok, better get back to work. Thank goodness I can not access Yoville from work (wish I could though) so I will get some work done. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay off the crack and well wishes still sending out thru the cyber world


Jenn(ifer) said...

DO you realized you basically blogged about YoVille!!?!?!? You need an intervention...seriously!

Cheryl said...

Seriously! BTW, are we still on for Thursday?