Saturday, January 17, 2009

200.00 at the grocery store...yes me 200.00

So, I started the Alli pills today. Which also means I needed to get groceries that would work for a diet plan. Well, lots of the items calls for spices which we do not really have. And then all kinds of healthy stuff. So, 160.00 later I have groceries for one week of a diet. Now lots of that was for the spices, so I really can not judge how much it really was. And the sad thing is I still have about 10 more items to buy. I do not see how I will loose weight if I eat what they are saying to eat. I was so full at lunch I could not finish it, had to force myself. It was a turkey and cheese sandwich with 10 baby carrots and a small banana and peanut butter. The sandwich was 3 slices of bread! How can that be, we read it 4 times to make sure that is what it said, and it did. After the first run to Publix, I went to the produce market that is on Hillsborough to get all the veggies and fruits I needed. I spent 18.00 there, then back to Publix again for a few items I forgot and another 22.00 there. So today's total is 200.00 and I still have more items to get. Dinner is going to be One-Pot Shrimp Dinner, and it sounds good. No side effects yet, as long as I watch what I do I should be fine. Going to start walking at work again and taking the stairs both up and down them - not just down.

Not feeling well, not due to the pills due to something else. So I guess I will go lay down and catch up on shows

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Kip said...

where are you getting this diet from? Anything with 3 slices of bread is not good for you- wayyyyyyyyyy too many carbs.