Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Mar Mar

Today is Mary B's birthday. Hope she has a wonderful Birthday. Have not read to see if she said her plains yet, but wanted to make sure I wishe her a special Happy Birthday here.

You would think since I know way ahead of time that things are coming you think I have learned? That would be a big fat NO! Tomorrow my mom and I am going to Georgia. Am I packed? NO! Have I gone to Cheryl's to pick up the stuff I need to bring to Georgia from her to them? NO! Do you think I have wrapped the presents I hae bought them for Christmas so far? NO! Do you think I am done shopping for them for Christmas? NO!Do you think my laundry is even done to pack? NO! So, at lunch I will be running errands, after work I will be heading to Zephyrhills. Get home from there and start the laundry, once laundry is done I will pack. Sounds like a plan, but should have been done. And this time I have to remember everything as I wont go back for a few months.

Now of coarse tomorrow I will have to stop to use the bathroom about Ocala area since my mom will be with me. Thanks to sweetheart Teresa I have a Hobby Lobby Coupon. Hopefully they have in these 2 quickutz that are especially for Hobby Lobby only. I can use a coupon and so can my mom. Other than that I have to be a good girl!

Reports are done running better get busy working them since I will be off for four days. Do not want to leave any work for Alexis and Scott.

Oh, do you think I could win some money and get a big HDTV and a blueray before next Tuesday? That will be a big time NO also! But next week more than ever I will wish I had one....Batman comes out next week. Yes, I will be buying it...but I really wish I could have the Blurray big screen HD to watch it on. Hey Cheryl....I think Larry would love that movie on Blueray for Christmas! lol

Speaking of movies....yes I watched Twilight again last night while surfing the web. I seriously have issues!

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Cheryl said...

Great idea for a gift. Better run when it comes out.