Saturday, December 06, 2008

At the Coker's

Forgot that I did not blog here, that I just posted on Facebook that I made it to Georgia. Mom and I got here yesterday a little after 3pm. We left late as I knew I better had get a oil change. Well I went to get the simple 15.99 oil change just up the street from my house. Naturally they talk you into the better one with all the bells and whistles where you also get your tires rotated. So, I agree to it since I knew I was a bad girl and had not treated my car nicely. Well, come to find out I only had 2 quarts of oil in my car. And I guess that it is why it smelled like something was burning....yeah it was the engine begging for oil. Also, since they check all the other stuff they informed me I also needed a break fluid flush. So, I agree to that too. Go to check out and my simple 15.99 plain Jane oil change turned into 112.00! Yes, One hundred and twelve dollar later I am out the door. Lucky for me we get a Christmas bonus at work and they gave it to us early this year. So instead of getting it on our next check, we got it this pay period.

I also was paid extra money on my check in error this pay period, so next pay period they will be taking it back off. So, I paid off my Cruise. It is now official...I will be on the boat with the gang in March next year. I am so looking forward to it.

This morning was Dylan's 7Th birthday party. Had it at the Bowling Alley. He had no clue it was kept as a secret to him. His friend is having one there tomorrow also, so he had his there today, and they he will be back there tomorrow for Austins. I took him to the party, but I told him that I would be taking him to the party and I needed to try to see where it was. Then when we got there I told him I wanted to look inside, he looked the one way then went to tell me about the other side. Turned and looked and he saw everyone there and just was so surprised. He was so happy once he realized it was his party. We had 3 lanes, 2 for the kids and then one for the adults. He had a pretty good turn out. There was some family, friends, and some friends from Church. Got lots of book's, toys, clothes, money , and gift card. He can not wait to go shopping and get his choices for his gifts.

This evening Jennifer had her work Christmas party (mine was tonight too - oops another year I missed it) her Tyler and Gavin went to the party. There was some parade in Tifton and Dylan was invited to go be in the parade. Josh, Daryle, and Dylan went to the parade. Wanda, my mom, Ashley, Emma, and Bradly stayed home. It was a bit too cold for us to go. I cooked dinner....yes I typed correctly... I cooked dinner. It was easy anyways, it was just spaghetti casserole. I do not know the last time I cooked, so luckily it was something easy.

Tomorrow will go to church in the morning and then I am not sure what we will do. I think I have to take Ashley home tomorrow. She lives about 45 minuetes away. She came over last night and was supposed to have left today, but she is staying one more night since she has not seen my mom in a very long time. JEnnifer has Choir practice tomorrow early evening. She finally joined the choir. I am actually suprised it took so long for her to join. They have been asking her, but she had been holding out on them. She is a really great singer!

Opps just remembered I was supposed to bring in the Christmas presents and wrap them. Dylan is herem better go get it out of teh car before the other two come home.

Gotta go.....sending out thoughts to Barb. Kip gave an update glad to hear. Be safe everyone!


AZAnjanette said...

yikes 112 bucks. one thing i want to inform you of for next time is not to fall for the 'brake fluid flush'. If you have your brake pads replaced the oil will basically squirt out on it's own. My husband and i learned this from my dad, an ex-auto repair advisor who worked for dealers such as cadillac, ford, chevrolet. we were so ripped. like 59.99 down the drain (literally) since they have to put new brake fluid if they replace your brake pads anyway. I had to ask about such things too because I always guilt myself out everytime i take my car in for an oil change. I won't do it again, but i will take my car for an oil change frequently.

Jenn(ifer) said...

No no, not a great singer, but thanks for the compliment LOL