Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy day off

I took the day off today, but will be working from home in between all of the running around I need to do. Hoped to have slept til 7am instead of my 5am, well Oscar was good...he actually just now finally got up. No instead there was a cat fight outside my window. But that did not help the fact that my neighbors had a party til 1am! I almost thought my old neighbors were back. Finally fall asleep about 130am just to wake up at 600am! Decided to get up at 630 and get started on some of the stuff I need to do.

My mom has her appointment this morning. They told her that she could not drive, so I am taking her. Will not know results right away as they do not have a on site lab. They will have to send off for them. I will keep you all posted. I am going to bring the first book from the True Blood series that I got from Jill (thank you again so much) to read. Said it would be from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. But I also might run up to this Total Wine place to get a gift certificate for Cody for Christmas. No, he does not drink Wine..they have all kinds of stuff. I am hoping that is the place that has hundreds of different kinds of beer. I bought him a 6pc beer glass set from Food Network. It has different shapes to the glasses. If you drink this beer from this country drink from this glass. Since he has been trying out different beers, I think he will like that. Nothing like a mom encouraging your son to drink....but the glasses are to be kept here. So, he will be drinking here.

Later today Cody and I both have a eye doctor appointment. Mine is at 345 and his is at 415. I know they will have to change the strength of my glasses as it is getting harder to see some things. In between that I need to work, but then after that I need to make Christmas cards. Yep I am not done. This is the first year ever that I am cutting it really close. May have to buy cards for co-workers as I do not have time to make 200 cards.

Congrats to Teri! She passed. We all had no doubt that she wouldn't. Now hopefully Jennifer can take her exams and pass! As of last night when I talked to her...she still had 5 chapters to read. Fingers crossed! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I will blog more later


Jenn(ifer) said...

1) You are too late for the Christmas cards, lmao!!! The last day to get them to where they need to go on time was the 15th. That's ok... the cards you sent for me on the 8th...people are JUST NOW GETTING! That is SLOWER THAN SLOWER - gives snail mail a WHOLE new meaning.

2) You're a good person to want to make everyone a card, you really are. I saw next year, you take a Pic of you & Oscar and make a photo card from Snapfish or Kodak and be done with it!!! Also, if you haven't gotten a card from someone in the past 2 years, don't continue to send them cards. Just my opinion. An e-card sends the same meaning - and its FREE! This could help you SO MUCH! SO...LISTEN TO YOUR Oh'SO' Wise Niece! :D

3) Nope, my finals went HORRIBLE & its all my fault. Lesson Learned.

love ya

Jenn(ifer) said...

I meant *SAY* not saw in paragragh 2!