Monday, December 15, 2008

wasted night

I have a thousand things I need to do and did not get any of them done. I was busy tearing apart the living room and my bedroom for a stamp set I was supposed to deliver tonight. Hurricane Michele left a really bad path of destruction that is least to be desired right about now. And now it is after 11pm, 5am comes early. I can not hit snooze as I have to go into work early as I did not get every thing done today. I can not leave a lot of work for Alexis, my work ethic just wont allow me to do that. Sometimes I wish I had a lower work ethic! Others do and nothing is done to them. I just feel guilty and if I did I would probablly be the one to get in trouble. As much as my job may make me mad at times.....I have a job, pay is not that bad-could be worse, do get some perks at I should not complain at all. Even though it is hard at times. I had to walk away from my desk one point today or I was going to hurt someone. I am only one person and I can only do so much and I wish some people would realize that. My friend Mike does! He sent a request for system access that I usually do right away, he had to call to ask if I forgot about him. I was a little short with my answers so he knew I was thing I know I have a cold diet coke and a hug and he is on the first floor and I am on the third. Things like that helps brighten the clouds! And Carolyn wrapping the items for the head start kids Alexis and I picked up last week. That helped saved time in my hectic day! Alexis is back tomorrow, and I already told prepared. I tried my best to get everything done. But since I am currently 3 people her work too was a little to much. And I had to have a crash course on how to do one thing as the system changed and it was the first time I had to use a certain program that she uses daily. The Construction Manager gave me a 3 min walk thru on how to do it over the phone, and then I was golden. Got that taken care of. Since I did not do it Thursday or Friday I had 3 days worth to do. But it is done and that is all that matters.

Yes I am over tired and hyped up since have been tearing apart a couch, under a couch, under my bed, behind my bed, behind my desk, behind and under just about everything. On the bright side I lost all of my remotes...I found 3! Better close now before I write anything more! Nite to all.

one last thing.....Happy Birthday Barb and Karen.

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