Monday, December 08, 2008

About to leave for home

Can we say BURRRRRRRR. It is cold here, it is 31 feels like 27. There was frost all over the ground and on my car. Just took the boys to the bus stop and now waiting for my Mom to eat breakfast. Then I will be on my way home. Gota lots to do today. And have to get it done. Need to finish up my Stocking exchange items. Need to wrap etc.

Had a fun and busy day yesterday. Went to church, went to WalMart, took Jennifer to her choir practice, took Dylan to Austins birthday party at the bowling alley (yes his party was there Saturdays amd Austins was yesterday at the bowling alley).

Well, mom is done eating. I will blog more when O am home later.

Hope all is well....thinking of Barb sending well wishes still.

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:Jayne said...

Have a safe trip!