Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday already

OK, I have to admit I loved watching Dawson's Creek. And I was a Pacey Witter fan over Dawson Leery! I thought he was such a cutie, and now he is even hotter! And I love the new show Fringe that he is in. Not just because he is in it, but it is also a JJ Abrahams show. Which means it is freaky, so that is just up my alley!

Yep, back from Georgia and still trying to get caught up. I have a zillion things to do before Saturday morning. I did not get the wrapping of the presents done yet. I am doing that tonight. I have another plan for something else, started that last night will finish it tomorrow night. Then Friday I also have to make the cranberry salad that I will be bringing to the stocking exchange. I am so excited that it is finiaaly here. I hope my pal will like what I got her...I think she will. Nope I know she will!

Today or tomorrow Alexis and I have to go shopping for the presents for our "children" we have from Head start that we sponser. Every year we buy gifts for children that are in Head Start. Our department does it smart. Instead of collecting right before Christmas time and then rush to collect.....we collect all year long. They will let us wear jeans if we pay a dollar. That goes into the fund, and luncheon funds. My little girl that I have is 4years old and wears a 7-8. We have to get 2 outfits and 2 toys. One toy must be educational. So we will be taking an extended lunch either today or tomorrow or both! lol

Need to get a move on. I am dragging. Gotta go try to locate our missing Christmas tree for our desk. I think we found it, someone plugged it in near the elevator...WTF? And they complained that our area is not decorated. Well, since someone took our decorations how can we? We are not buying more!

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