Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend so far wrap up

Friday night read most of New Moon, Saturday went to The Scrapbook shoppe's open house. Bought just a few thigs - nothing for me! Paper to make 4 baby books, and a little something something for my secret pal. After that came home and read more of New moon, then went to Di's to cut out a really cool shape that Stampin Up has. Will be on some Christmas cards. You know I make ALOT! So, it will just be some. After I came home, finished New Moon and started reading Eclipse. Started off slow so I could not really get into it.

Plans for today? a little bit of work, cleaning, and going to see the new James Bond Movie with Cody. Pretty boring, huh! Not much but lots of nothing. So, I guess I better get off of here and get a move on since it is already almost 930,

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

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Cheryl said...

Heard you & Alice saw a friend of mine. LOL.