Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still not caught up

I am stealing this from my neice...once you read it you can tell how excited she was.

Coldplay is flippin AWESOME!

Yesterday was THE day I have been waiting on since July! I worked until 11 and my Aunt & I got on the road for Atlanta by 11:30. We got to ATL around 2 and parked across from CNN & The Philips Arena. We had some time to spare so we went into the CNN Building. Its just a bustling office building mixed with a mall-style food court but looks like your surrounded by a Hotel Atrium-type lobby. They have tours, but I did that in 8th grade and once is probably enough. I have a friend that goes to school in downtown Atlanta and she asked if she could meet up with us. I think she gets homesick & seeing me reminds her of home. We walked through Centennial Olympic Park & made our way over to the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium...just looking. She got back on the Marta and we got a bite to eat in CNN before the show.

The opening act was a band from Texas called Sleepercar. I was pretty impressed with the lead singers voice. I was glad they didn't suck because I was totally anxious to see Coldplay. 8:45 they came on stage. We were sitting rear stage, but to the side where they came out & you could see them fine! I didn't care as long as I could hear them live. Suddenly the most unexpected thing happened...the 13 year old girl came out of me and I started screaming and jumping like a raving lunatic. Seriously. Ohhh, I can not put into words how just how AWESOME it was. They really reach out to their fans & try to make each one feel that THEY feel glad you're there. They go up into the cheap seats and sing a song, which happens to be MY favorite song. They don't' waste their time with silly dances, pyro, or question and answer sessions. They are about the music and their fans. I loved every minute of it and if they come back next year I'll do what I have to do to see them again. Seriously...go see Coldplay if you have the opportunity!

We got home around 1:30 a.m., and I got to sleep around 2:30. I'm tired today. I strongly resemble a zombie with makeup on. Thankfully I have a voice left so I will be going to church choir practice tonight.

Till next time..

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