Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twilight Pathic is me!

Ok, remember how I told you - and you already know - how pathic I am when I get my mind on something? Well, my newest victim is the Twilight books! I read the fir one in one day. Had a little hard time getting the second book, but once I did I read it in one day. I immediatly started the third book since I already had it, read that in one day also! So, my fourth book is in Georgia. Asked Adela if I could borrow book 4 so I did not have to wait til December 6th to read it. She lent it out to a different co-worker last week...she is only on page 50! Yes, page 50!! Do you think I could wait til she finished? Do you think I would wait 2 1/2 weeks to get it from Georgia? That would be a big time no! So, last night I had to stop in Publix, yes I went to KMart since it was right next door. They had plenty of 1-3...no 4! Is it a consipery on me? I was jonesing all night to start Breaking Dawn. I could not wait for 11am today, as I was off to Target. I knew they had 4 last week, I was hoping they still did. They had plenty last week, they had 3 copies today. Well, two now. Oh, I even had Cody put me on the wait list for the Library - I was number 109. Anyways, I have it, and read only part of chapter one, and now I have to get busy working. Thought I would blog first.

OK, short...will blog more later if I can tear myself away rfom the book tonight. Do not think I will read this one in 1 day. But then what am I going to do after wards? This is the last book for now.

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