Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday yippie

OK, since I am a eye person and very addicted to Twilight right now.....I thought it would be only natural for me to post my Wednesday hottie with none other than Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen from Twilight in case you did not know). I found this picture and it just captured my stare!

What is on your agenda the next few days? I have no clue yet. It is up in the air for me. I know what I would love to do. But want to do and can do are two very far apart items. Have not shopped for Thanksgiving yet. Not sure what we are having or what I want to have. I really do not care at this point. Not feeling very spirted. Did not finish my Thnaksgiving cards, so there will not be any in the mail from me. All I do know is today will be a very long day! Data Processing gals are very loud, before they were in a room them seleves - now that are in the open with 3 other departments. I just want to yell SHUT UP! I am fighting a headache, so they are not helping. I already have my headphones on, but it is not drowning them out. I can relate that they are excited to get out of here, but come on. Aim people, that is what I do! Alexis sits on one side of me and Carolyn sits on the other - we aim all day long! Once in a while we will respond out loud. Carolyn just made of someones laugh on aim them mimic them - and yet I laugh. If I thought I was bad, every so often you will hear her mumble..I hate people! She is a trip. So, no it is not just me. Alexis just lets off a hugh sigh or a stand up and roll her eyes to me. Too funny, I no more than typed that and she just did both! I know her ah to well.

Ok, guess I better close and try to get some work done. I think my division billing is leaving at noon or 1 today so after that...I am free!

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