Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Good Morning!

Remember these are my thoughts......Well, I left work a little early yesterday and went to see Twilight. It was 2 hours long, did not seem like it as it was over before I knew it. To me, it should have been a little longer, as it rushed thru the story very quickly. Do not get me wrong, I did love the movie, but was left wanting more out of some scenes. There was some changes as I already was expecting, but that was no issue to me at all. I hope alot that was left out was filmed, and will be in it for the DVD. Now will have to wait for the second movie. And have my fingers crossed she will finish and release Midnight Sun. Even though it was leaked, people will buy the book! Yes, I read it, and yes I would still buy the book! All the "Team Edward" people will want to have it in their hands. I am holding out from buying The Host as it is on my wish list for Christmas. Ok, enough about that for now.

I will go for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. Ready for Turkey Day? I am not one bit. Gotta go to the store tonight.

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Cheryl said...

So, What are you doing Thursday?