Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not a great Sunday Morning so far

Well, I am stting at work itching to get on the road to see 3 little smiling faces and 2 big ones too. Well, the upgrade did not go so well...I am stuck here a little longer. We have been saying for 2 hours there is an issue, but no one else is having that issue? Guess they are! So 2 hour delay to making something priority issue. If only one has is a low issue...if all regions has becomes top. Can we say "damn it man'? So, I am not sure what time I am leaving. The next call is not until 3pm. No one is here to help Scott and I. I can not leave at this moment and may not be able to leave.

Yesterday was another wonderful crop in Sarasota. Just love that place. Now, I did work on scrappin idea I had for about 20 mins...but did not bring the rest of the items to finish so I was done. Guess what I did instead? Organized? Nope - Linda did that this time. lol. I read! Yes, I who have not read a book since high a book! I started Twillight! I ended up reading 321 pages! I could not put it down. Last night when I should have been packing I was reading again. Guess what? Woke up early this morning and read more! Then got to work before time I needed to be here...and I finished the book! Now I need the second one! I am hooked! OMG!

Oops gotta run will update more later

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Cheryl said...

Welcome to the "dark side". I've just finished the fourth book. I have a date for the movie on the 22nd!

Hope you got/get to leave soon.