Thursday, November 06, 2008

Alot better today

Wow that was something else yesterday. Now today I am hyper. They told me at work to calm down - seems I was talking fast explaining something. I go from one extream to another I guess. They said they like me more today though, but both days I cracked them up. Thanks, my misery makes you laugh? WTF? Well, especially when I almost fell over I had to grab one of the partitions. I can not complain too much, poor Miss Elle sounds like alot of pain. Old saying holds so matter how bad you think you have it, some one else has it worse off than you! And boy does she. My heart goes out to her. Hope she is feeling better really soon.

Taking a short breather at work. I have been non stop busy since I got here this morning. Alexis is out and I am doing her work and mine. Mine already consists of 2 others we no longer have. And today is Weekly reporting to add to the mix. I did get an email saying "please build this asap you forgot" then got one saying "nevermind you are correct it does not need to be built" Man that made my morning. Pancanicked thinking I was wrong as it had to be done by yesterday. Did the other 4 that was right on Tuesday, so all is good on that part. It is one of the many things I need to have ready for Sunday. Another system upgrade, but this is not as bad as that one where I was at work all weekend back in September. This one is just a few hours Sunday morning. Sent off the emails to the other departments telling them...need you to do this or that. Well, darn! Reports have stopped running. Now I have to get back to the grind.

David Lettermen asked last night...would anyone mind if Obama takes over now? That would be a please do on my askings! Jay Leno said it will be hard to make fun of Obama, he does not give us any reason too unlike Bush who made it so easy! Then he said, well maybe that is why we will have Biden.

Ok I am off to get more work done. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Give it time...there are bound to be something to crack a joke at, or lets hope so. If not, SNL will be S.O.L!