Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick update...

Finally got to leave at 3:21 yesterday from work. ONly 2 1/2 days later than planned. Got up to Georgia and the family was out to dinner for Josh's birthday which is today. Wanda and I got to talking about Twillight, so off to WalMart and Kmart we went looking for the books. They had 1,3, and 4 in but no #2! I need #2! I am itching for #2. The first one gave you the first chapter to book one...and man did it leave me hanging..drew me in for the 2nd one! UGH. Anyways, Got back home boys were in bed but still awake. They said hello and kisses! Off to bed they attempted.

Today just checking on work, balancing the check book, off to the Library, then off to the bowling alley to put the deposit down on Dylans party. Hush though, it is a secret. HE will think it is at Jennifers work, but nope the Bowlling alley. He went to one a few weeks ago and they all loved it. So, that is what we shall do! Then my munchkins will be home from school. I am sure I will be playing Looney Tune Monopoly tonight. And guess what, I can not wait! Have not played it in awhile. Well, my looney tune one - regular one I played last weekend.

OK, typed fast enough. Need to check work emails one more time. Just sent off about 7 of them and should maybe have responces by now.

Oh...Today Josh turned 28, and today also would have been my dads 83rd birthday! Yep, my daddy would have been 83. Not home to wish him a birthday and blow him a kiss. I know I can do it from here, but atleast at home he is on the shelf with us (that sounded crud, but it is true). Anyways... Happy Birthday Joah and Dad, I love you both very much!


Cheryl said...

Give the birthday boy a hug for us. Hope you find book 2 soon. It's so funny that you have finally been sucked into the dark saide with the rest of us.

have a great time and give all the gang some love from the H-gang.

Kip said...

Happy Birthday to Josh and glad you made it up there okay again.