Thursday, November 27, 2008

Got caught up with sleep

At my lunch, no oven blow up this year. Both Cody and I teased my mom all morning to please not kill this oven - we just finally got it. Four years ago on Thanksgiving my mom was cooking ssweet potoes casserole, well the marshmellows kind of did not want to be cooked and killed the oven. Cheryl got us a temporary one - but the oven part and two burners did not work. We just now got a new oven. Two great things about that day was...the Coker family was here with us. And that morning was when I went and picked up my guy Oscar! One bad thing, but two wonderful things so it makes the oven no big thing.

In a little while I will be heading up to the Scrapbook shoppe with Linda and Kathy, Miss Elle is going to go up there too. Not sure who else will be there. I actually only need one sheet of paper. Do not need anything else, but of coarse I want lots. I will try my best to not go too crazy. Still have a few bills I need to pay before pay day. UGH damn bills at Black Friday time...what is up with that?

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Kip said...

Your dinner sounded yummy! I LOVED my Thanksgiving card from you all!
Did your mom make it? It was so cute!