Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 day break coming to the end

I was a really good girl for Black Friday. I stayed home. But then I did go to Target on Saturday and Bought a few movies as gifts and 2 things of coffee. They had it marked on the shelf 4.97 but was ringing up as 9.95. Off to the Customer Service desk I went...yep got it for 4.97 each. Not bad!

You know the should have, could have, and would have...well yep that was me. There was so much I should have done these 4 days, but I was lazy and did nothing. I must have watched about 12 movies if not more. I forgot that Netflix lets you watch movies instantly besides getting them in the mail. Well, I watched some of the instant ones, watched some on cable, and watched some on the internet. Let me see what all did I watch?
Sydney White
Catch and Release
27 Dresses
Hollow Man
Aliens vs Pred - only part of it
Black Book
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
80 mins - only part it sucked
Masters of Horror Imprint
Transporter 3

I did clean a little, and I did gather my stocking stuff to wrap. But realized I am not done still yet. A couple more things to go. Hope my pal will be happy. I think so. Should have started on Christmas cards, and did not. Guess I better work on them during the week for the next few weeks.

I realized that for the month of December I am only working one full week, the week of the 15th. All other weeks I will have at least one or more days off. I am off this coming Friday, as I will be heading to Georgia, and I am off that following Monday too. So, I can spend a little extra time in Georgia. The week after the 15th has Christmas in it. Then also I am off after Christmas. Cool! So, I think I am only working about 16 days in December. So, I am 16 days away from perfect attendance for 2008! I am so excited. Yes, I have almost 520 hours of sick time that I could use, but I really want to get perfect attendance! Every year I missed it because I took at least 1 day. I mean it may not seem like a big deal but it kind of is to me. I will get an extra day off, and a luncheon where you get a half day off too. And it helps on my yearly review. I know it will be better than last years, cause last year was half done by a not so nice person. I mean I missed half a day and I got a meets on attendance? And yet someone else that missed 6 days got a meets too? That is BS! I will leave it at that.

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