Saturday, November 01, 2008

Georgia is almost over

Well it is Saturday night, which means I leave tomorrow to go back home. I do not have the pictures uploaded yet. so I can not share them. But will fill in what I have done so far...

Thursday night Jennifer, Gavin, Tyler and I went up to the Church for their Fall Festival. Dylan had to stay home since he has a double ear infection. I bought him Irom Man for Halloween so him and his daddy stayed home and watched that. They had food, games, story telling, a hay ride, and the "trunk or treat". It was a bit nippy so they did not do the hay ride and it was also a school night and getting late.

Friday: Went to Gavins school first. They had a small little craft party thing. We were there for a little while. They made 5 little crafts, and got some candy. Went to Walmart to pick up the juice for Dylans party. Went to his school and they had a very small party. One mom brought a small candy treat bag and cup cakes. And then Jennifer and I brought the treat bags and juice. The kids were so sweet they gave us a peice of their candy. Halloween night we went over to Heathers for their annual Halloween party. They had games for the kids and food. They were all dressed up really funny. Jennifer went as "Sarah Palin". She looked like her a little. I did my hair up in rollers and did the Mimi (from drew carey) make-up. And had a polka dotted nite clothes. Will post pictures.

Saturday: Took Tyler to the Library, He rented movies and books for himself and his brothers. He was given a book mark that had a lollipop attached to it. He also got one for his brothers. That was so sweet of him! I didi not have to tell him to do that he did it on his own. Then made him go to WalMart to get the makings for dinner. A bit chilly up here, so we had chili for dinner. Jennifer and Josh went over to Heathers to watch the Gator Bulldogs game. Wanda is at work, so I have Auntie Shell time with the boys! So, we watched speed racer, and then started playing Monopoly. Dylan, Tyler, and I! That darn Tyler landed on the special one 7 times! Butthead kept getting the money! But I had alot of properties and had houses on them! Before we had to stop I even had houses on Park place and Boardwalk! I ended up winning since they kept landing on them! Then they would win the big money! I finally landed on it once. By the end of playing they were laughing so hard! They even said...I am gonna pee my pants! I think I am going to be suckered into playing it every time I am up here! Little do they know that is my favorite game! I promised I would bring up my Looney Tunes one next week when I am back up here.

Well, now it is 9:23 and the boys are supposed to be in bed for Church tomorrow, They are so hyped up and can not come down. I Hope they are asleep before Jennifer gets back home. And no not from candy it is from the fun we were having playing the game. Gonna run and change into my pj's! I dread tomorrow!

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Kip said...

It sounded like you're having a wonderful time and I know they liked the treat bags.
You must love me alot as I got TWO cards from you and love both of them!!