Thursday, October 30, 2008

This makes everything worth while

Yesterday when I was handing out treat bags, I also gave a couple extra to certain people for their kids. I was checking my work emails (yes on vacation and still checked them) and I received an email from Alison letting me know her little boys Tyler and Trey were personally sending me a Thank You for the treat bags. Are they cute or what? That reaction is exactly what I was hoping for, and to be able to see it makes me happy! Very nice of Alison to take a picture for me.

Dylan is not feeling well, he has a doctors appointment this morning at 11am, so he is here with me and Wanda. He was excited that there was some (understatement) cereal to choose from. After he ate we put together the treat bags for his and Gavins class. I ran out of one kind of candy. Maybe I can exchange the fire balls for cow tails at CVS up here. Will look to see if I still have my receipt. I thought I had more cow tails, but it is more fire balls. Really should not give fire ball candy to pre K and 1st grade. Need to staple the toppers on the bags, but no stapler, left it at home. I will take a picture of the finished product. Duh me did not take pictures of him putting the bags together.

Later tonight is the Fall festival at Jennifer's church. I love going to her church, the people there are so great! Gotta get dressed and get Dylan dressed. Going to get Jennifer from work a few mins before 11 to head to the doctor. Will post more later again. Have a wonderful day!

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