Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday jump for joy

Before I get to what I was going to talk about, I thought for you non Twilghters I would speak about something else for a moment.

Ok, MSMNB just had a news interview with that Sarah Palin chick. I did not hear it, just watched it...gotta find it and re watch it to listen to it. Well, it seems she was having an interview in front of a Turkey Slaughter house. She was "pardoning a turkey" reading a pardon. I guess since she said one....but then she was interviewd outside and they showed them slaughtering one in the background. She is just a talking away and the killed it. So funny the thing says Apparently Oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder. Then the guy comes back with another one and kills another one. I could not stop laughing at her stupidity. WOW! Man I wish Tina Fey would make fun of that!

Now onto what I wanted to talk about. And first say many hanks to Miami Dawn! Not sure if I am last to know, so if I am sorry to repeat myself...hope I am not the last... As you all should know by now today is Twilight Day. The movie came out this morning at 12:01. I was sad to read that Breaking Dawn was the final Chapter to the series. Well, on Amazon they had interviews with Stephanie Meye and she did say that she did finish Bella's story, and that she might go in another direction continuing the books in a different light..hope it is the one I am thinking would be great. But then she said that she was writing one called Midnight Sun which is Twilight thru Edwards eyes. Google is such a wonderful a very rough draft of almost 300 pages was leaked on line. So, yes I started reading it. Starts off at the very first time he saw her. Read about 20 pages then had to go to bed. Guess what I will be reading today? Yes it is a rough draft so it may change some. On the same site it also had chapter one where she says it is the real chapter. Guess I will read that to see of any differance. Gonna close and go read before I gotta get busy.....before I go of coarse I have to leave you with one picture of the Cullen Family and Bella

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