Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chilly Thursday Morning

Good Morning. Staying warm this morning? I rather be cold than hot, so I am fine. Not too much colder though.

Yes, I finished the last of the Twilight books last night. Read that darn thing in a little over 24 hours! It was really really good. I wont tell my thoughts on it, as there are some that are reading it now as well. I have decided that I am going to wait to see the movie. I do not think I wanna see it with the kids going crazy. I will probablly watch it on line first since I do not really wanna wait...but then I do think this is a must see in the theathre on the big screen.

Saturday is the crop in Ruskin. Need to gather up my stuff. Think I will start on my Christmas Cards, and the 4 baby books I need to make. I can start them now since I have the "months paper" for it. I really like this set as it says the month correctly at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page. So, I can cust the paper in half and they will see the word of that month. Two will be alike instead of all 4. But that is fine with me. Besides that, I do not want to buy 4 sheets of each page, 2 is enough!

We are having a Thanksgiving pot luck at work today. Since there are so many people and 3 floors, they are doing it on each floor. But now that is fine, however my favorite broc and cheese casserole will be on the 1st floor. I already told Bobby that I will be down to get it! Other than that I do not need to go to any other floor. One guy up here in the NOC put on the sign up sheet fried toungue, well noticed last night he took it off. Oh, and if you sign up - look at what other people put down! I wrote down Cranberry Salad, yesterday when I looked at the list - the person right after me wrote down cranberry sauce. OK, not exactly the same thing.....but still!I do not like regular cranberry sauce, I like the salad. We will see how it goes.

Have a wonderful day.


Mary B said...

I was in charge of the Christmas party sign-ups last year, and had 4 people (out of 30) sign up for salad, and a 5th with a veggie tray. Ummmm...don't you think you guys should get together on this? OY! Why do people do that?

Cheryl said...

I tried to call last night to get your thoughts on the book...darn phone service!

Have fun Saturday. I'll be in Brandon as a vendor and then at the Movie. My friend bought the tickets on line so we are good to go.

We are having Thanksgiving Brunch at my work today. Hostess supplied my contribution..LOL