Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Man was I sicker than a dog today

Did not feel well, but still went inro work. Had to take some meds and sleep in my car for about an hour. Went back in and attempted to work about 2 hours and I was done for! In that 2 hours I was in the bathroom 3 times being sick (mouth not butt-as polite as I can put it). Finally went to Scott and told him, I could not make it any more nad I had to leave. Made it to the parking lot and slept a little more, made almost home had to pull over. Then made it home and had to wait in the car a bit. Oscar did not like that I was in the driveway and not coming in the house. He finally barked at me so I came in. Went right to bed, he knew something was wrong so he got up inthe bed with me. And laid on me! Usually he will lay next to me for a little bit. He does not stay in the bed if someone is in it for more than 10-20 mine. Will sleep all day alone in the bed, but not if your in it. Got up about 7:15pm. Feeling alot better now. It was a doozy of a migrane. And learned a valuable not take cold medicine with migrane pills! They do not mix!

Ok, enought about me..all my opinion and I know everyone has one this is mine.....I will have to admit John McCain gave the best speech last night. I was highly impressed. Now see he could have had half a chance if those were the type of speeches he gave all along instead of the hunchback type ones. He for a moment impressed me. But, he still does not hold a candle to Obama's speeches. I will be able to pay attention again. I could not stand Bush's speeches, all the best writers in the world still could not help the delerivery of the speech he gave. It is not just the words that draw you in, but it is the way it is given! And Obama does that for me! I used to love listening to Clinton, he could give a speech. But now I also kind of had a crush on Clinton so it really helped listening to him. I also like Michelle better than McCains wife. She is just to rich and fake for me. Michelle looks real! Yes I know McCains wife donates money etc to charity, but I do not think I could look at her for 4 years.

Can you beleive Christmas is just around the corner? UGH


Cheryl said...

So sorry you felt so bad. Glad you made it home and got some rest.

Jenn(ifer) said...

All the politcal speeches are wrote by someone other than the candidate, that is why they are so well written.

Do you have a stomach virus? Dylan does to