Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

Man what a busy morning, lots of work. Some done, waiting on reports to finish so I thought I would blog. 2 days in a row, but lets see if I can make it to 3.

Did good, did not buy anything on YoVille last night or this morning. They added Halloween costumes! But they are expensive, so I will not be buying any of them. But I did not hold out at the stores. I went to Walmart yesterday. But now all I got was dog food and soap! I had coupons, as if you did not already guess that one. I had B1G1 free on the dog food and 1.00 off Johnsons Buddy soap. Got 20 cans of dog food and 12 bars of soap for $10.99and 2 dollars of that was tax. Yes, I had all of my coupons with me, and I still only got that. Might get more today cause I have a movie to return. I rented a movie I guess did not pay attention because my free code did not work. So I paid 1.00 for a movie I did not even watch.

Speaking of Halloween costumes...I need to get thinking what I will be. It will be here before we know it. And need to decide what I am doing about Halloween goodies for the boys and their teachers. I have a few ideas. One is that jar from the meials and the other is a treat bag idea I saw in the Stampin Up caddy. Got some makings for either one.

Ok report is done......back to the grind.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I wanna be a princess for Halloween! LoL Gavin thinks that is what I should be anyway... I'm not so sure. You know, I have NEVER been a witch, ever. How weird is that?