Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do you watch True Blood on HBO?

There is a Vampire show on HBO called True Blood. Of coarse it has lots of sex in it since it is HBO, but I just love the show. I think the bartender guy that is in this picture is hot! I like him better than the Vampire himself. And guess what......he will be at my work tomorrow! Our HBO rep Maria will be here with him. So, sometime tomorrow I will just have to go to the second floor to see him and get my picture with him. It has been awhile since we have had someone from a HBO series. Last time we had "Furio Giunta" from the Sopranos. I am super duper excited!

If that news was not great enough first thing in the cell phone rings and it is Gavin telling me he is singing Coldplay. I asked him to sing it to me he says no. But then of coarse he did start singing to me. He is just too cute singing "Yellow" from Coldplay.

Ok, gotta try to get busy! Hard when your on cloud 9


Jenn(ifer) said...

That's neat - and I guess I have watched that show as it turns out. We watched one episode, but it didn't grasp my attention too much. That's neat that you'll get to meet him.

Gavin apparently went to school singing COldplay too.

Mary B said...

Sex and Vampires??? How can you go wrong? (Luv me some Coldplay, Chris Martin is so hot!)

Roz said...

Love that show too...but have trouble watching it because peter wants to watch too...too much sex for him though! Can't wait to see the photos!