Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tomorrow not today for True Blood stars

So, it was changed to tomorrow, not today for the True Blood stars. And not only are we getting Hottie Bartender guy, but we are also getting Tara (the girl in the picture from yesterday blog). They will be here from 10-2. Only Customer Service gets them from 10-1 and then the rest of the building gets them from 1-2. WOW lots of time. Well, I will be up there before the 1pm! Besides that I need to talk to Maria (our HBO rep) have not seen her in awhile.

Did you see what they added to Yoville today? Coffins and gargoyles! I am up to a little over 3000 points, I think close to 4000. Might not be able to hold out. I want a coffin and gargoyles. I was going to do the Zen thing, but that really is not me too much. Think I will do the Gothic thing so I would need those items. And from what I think I heard they do not keep all items that long? So, better buy when I can. Just those two things until I can build up more. And I finally have 10 crew members so I get 250 instead of 235 now for work. Pathic I know!

Speaking of Pathic......tonight is a hard TV night! I have 3 shows at 9pm that I want to watch! I watch the Office, Grey's, and tonight is CSI. Then at 10pm there will be ER, Life on Mars, and Eleventh Hour. What the Hell! Could they not seperate things out? Thank goodness I have 2 DVR's Oh yeah, and I might not be home at 9pm! Mom and I are going to a card class tonight from 6-9. Guess we better just get done with them and leave. Luckily the woman lives close so I will not miss much.

Well reports done...get back to work. And yes another day in a row!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

We were without power for 3 hours last night. SO I missed some of the shows I wanted to see. On the up side - I did get a LOT of much needed sleep.