Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Sunday post will post again

Went to be late last night and Oscar had me up at 630 - wish he knew when it was the weekends. Now the brat is sleeping, and I am up. I feel like waking his lazy but up.

Agenda for today is / was finish the baby shower book and create the baby shower "program". And clean. Ok it is 1230pm now and not one of those has been started. Luckily I am 95% done with the baby shower book and can google baby shower stuff to create that. Wish I still had the one that I did 5 years ago! all I would have to do is change the name and date - and it would be finished - besides printing out on blue paper instead of pink.

side note......Hey Jenna do you still have the copy of the one I did for Ashley? If so - call me! I will not be on the computer when you get home from Church.

Did you see the three packs of coupons in todays paper - cha ching! Cheryl - save me the dog trat one please lol

Okey gotta run will be back on later - in 6 hours (when I have to check into work again. lol

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