Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday again

Sunday night and gearing up for Monday. Another weekend goes by to fast. Especially Saturday. How can a 12 hour crop go by like it is only 3 hours? It was too fast. Had a wonderful time, sounds the same after every Hilltop crop? Well, it is because it always is. Great times with great friends! Missed Elle, she was sick. Hope she is feeling better. Old friends have not seen in awhile and made new friends. My friend Alexis and her sister Samantha came. They got lots done, hope they can come back again to alot more crops. They had fun. There will be another crop this weeekend in Sarasota. Love that place. Just a nice place to hold a crop. A couple weeks later is Creepover.

Ok, you know how I have a slight buying issue. Well, I did stay away from stores today (except for CVS to buy a couple of papers). Well, thanks to Linda's way of Yoville - I am going to try my best to control myself. I was earning money then buying for my apartment before I had too much money. Well, I asked her how she did her apartment...and that is what I am going to do. I got behind thanks to work, but now I will get back on track. I am going to wait til I have about or more than $5000 then go on a shopping spree. I already have about 1000 so I am on my way. Lets see if I can hold out. Gotta do it, then I can get lots more. Really need a TV man a home without a TV - bored. lol

Ok, guess it is bed time. Yawning means tired, maybe Oscar will sleep thru the night. Have a great evening.

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