Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have done as much as I can

Well, I have about 5 games, a poem, and the title page for the Baby Shower program. I can not finish fully until Denise ever calls me. I have been calling her since Friday to get more information from her - and no return call. Her husband has a habit of listening to voice mails and not remembering to give the messages to her. Last one I left even said - could you please remember to tell her to call me since it is kind of very important. That was 7 hours ago, I will call one last time after I write this. I would like to have finished it today. Friday at work she even asked if I thought I would be able to finish it this weekend - well hello kind of need your information to finish it. Two of the games she has the information and has not sent it to me yet.

Ok, guess I will run and see what else I can do. Just a little discouraged.

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