Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lots to do before Georgia

and running out of time to do it. Man time goes by fast when you do not want it to and slow as heck when you do want it to!

Creepover....excellent as if it would not be? Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful place...and the icing on the cupcake...Linda! Not enough words to describe how wonderful she is! We can not even touch the surface. So honored to be a part of Hilltop. I actually worked on things - did not finish all of them, but close enough. Kept making more than I planned now hopefully that will be enough. Rather have too many than not enough.

Last night went to a Gold party at my sisters house. Man I wish my ex husbands friend did not steal my stuff, then when I started building up my stuff I was robbed. So I ended up with only 1 braclet, 2 necklaces, and 1 ring. All borken stuff that I never got fixed, and it will pay for my gas to Georgia this trip and the trip the following weekend! I am so happy about that!

Yes you heard me correctly I am going to Georgia two weeks in a row, then again the first weekend in December. I am going tomorrow after work and staying until Sunday after Church. Thursday there is a Fall festival at her church, Friday morning are the parties at Gavin and Dylans schools, Friday night is a party at her friend Heathers house, and then not sure about Saturday, and Sunday morning Church and then home. I will then work Monday to Friday and leave again after work on Friday. Tuesday night is the Coldplay concert in Atlants, and then Wednesday I will be driving home. Wait it out til the first weekend in December as that is Dylans birthday.

As it stands right now, Outback is on for lunch. Have not heard otherwise. Should not post until it actually happens. I will let you know the outcome. Guess I should get busy since it is now 8am and my report I was about to work is done. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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