Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great Hump day

Today (knock on wood) has been a great day. I am not fully ready to go to Georgia, but I will make do. Anything I forget I can bring the following weekend when I am there. As long as I have clothes and candy, and the items I already have packed I am good to go.

Work has been fine, not too hard. And I will be leaving in about 46 mins. Ran to Target at lunch to get Carolyn her Wedding gift. I was sneaky and found out where she is registered. Got her one thing she wanted and then a really cool oven mit. She was almost in tears. They are having a little thing for her on Friday, but I wont be here so I gave it to her today. Gave out the cards and treat bags at work. People loved them, made them all happy and it made me feel good! Just made it! Almost did not have enough. I handed out 60 treat bags, and actually could have handed out more but I am out.

Cutting this short since I need to make sure all is in place for me to leave. Will blog while I am in Georgia.

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