Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I voted early. Now it's up to you.

Is the sticker I have on my shirt right now. Made it to the Library to vote. Waited in line about 45 mins...but well worth it (atleast I hope so come Nov 4th pm). I had time to read all the admendments while in line. I only knew about #2. Since they had a commercial on TV. All admendments and of coarse that is the only one I have seen on commercials. In case you have not seen or is to ban Gay Marriages. I will leave my thoughts to myself on how pathic the commercial was. Stop now before I get on a soap box.

How was your day? Well, lets see....started off heraring that Mar Mar will be going to see the Eagles in January (I LOVE THEM), then 15 mins later get an email that I will not be going to lunch at Outback tomorrow, 15 mins after that got a scolding from someone (not my fault give me a break damn it!)..and all of that was before 8:30am! It just kept going down hill from there. And to top it off I am no where near ready for the weekend. I have tonight and tomorrow night and that is it. So, will be cutting this short. Lets see bad day plus not ready = stress. Do not want or need that.

Oh, but I did get another "Thanks" at work. Now if I could just get employee of the quarter, then employee of the year...then I would get a week trip to Puerto Rico. That wont happen so I wont even hold my breath! I can not even get employee of our department. I wont even start on that reason!

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