Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday and yawning

But I am here at work, and wishing I was back in bed asleep. Oscar needed to go out potty really bad at 1:30 this morning. Let him out I went to the bathroom, usually can come back and he is ready to come back in. Well no not this morning! He was out near the fence had to beg him to come in, he started heading towards the door and curved to the side of the house. I am livid at this point. Called his stubborn butt a few times still not happening. I had to go all the way out towards him to come in. Then he comes in and wants me to love him? Did still get a pat on the head and a kiss but also informed him he was a bad boy! Now it is 2am and I am wide awake and the alarm clock will be going off in 3 hours. I did not turn off the lights to go to bed until almost midnight to begin with. So I did not get solid sleep or alot of sleep. I will need to keep my head phones on and keep my mouth shut or I will be in a heep of trouble.

Ok reports done running. Gotta get busy. Will try to blog more later

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