Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fast week

So much for blogging every day. I tried. Just looked and it was Monday. OOPS. Days have flown by, Friday tomorrow alreay, WOW. Am I ready for the weekend....can we get a HELL YES!

I have come to the conclusion, I am starting to get the shopping bug. Have coupon will shop. Coupons expiring, can not have that so I must shop. Now I did just bring lots of stuff to Jennifer, so my "stockpile" was depleated. Well, not only have I replenished that stockpile, I have gone over board. But now I am buying for us, and to bring up to her again at the end of this month. She will then have enough to last her until I go up again in December for Dylans birthday. Went to Publix 2 times yesterday as it was the last day for that ad. And yes, went to Publix today as it was a new ad!

Last Night:
2 Milkbone (wish I had more coupons for these)
2 Grits
4 Velveta Shells
1 Dukes mayo (yeah I know the other was B1G1 - duh moment)
2 Ocean Spray Cranberry juice
2 A-1 steak sauce
6 Chef boyardees
1 cascade rinse aid
2 baby carrots
1 yellow rice
4 Ben and Jerry's (not all for me, but yep needed it!)
2 Pillsbury cookie paks
8 toaster strudles (Cheryl have you seen Boston Cream pie?)
4 GE light bulbs
OOP $37.29 (41 items makes it less than 1.00 an item - wow!)
total savings $81.30

30 Betty Crocker pototoes (15-1.00 off when u buy 2)
6 Uncle Bens Rice (3-1.00 off when you buy 2)
2 Knorr Noodles (1-50 off when u buy 2)
2 Ragu Spag Sauce (1-75 off when u buy 2)
3 Pills Cin Rolls (3-1.00 off and 1-75 off when you buy 3)
3 bags of grapes 3-1.00 off Target web)
oop $24.49
total savings $74.50

Dont have my yesterday lunch receipt with me so I will have to post that deal later. Yes, no room to but....but I just can not help it! LOL

oh yeah on this past Tuesday at CVS...
Went to CVS made a mistake in my shopping, but of well. I am still happy with the results. Can not be greedy.

1 snowcaps
4 Frebreeze Noticables
4 Dawn
1 Iron Man DVD

OOP 2.68
Saved 61.88
used up ECB's that was expiring. Did not earn any.
After the fact saw I should have did the Frebreeze at Walgreens darn!


Teresa said...

Good god girl...what will you do with 30 boxes of potatoes....LOL.

Glad that you are posting again...missed you.

See you Saturday.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I haven't had Ben & Jerry's in ages. I have a craving. Boo!