Monday, September 29, 2008

Such a fun filled Monday

How was your Monday? Well, mine started off with a flat tire. I knew it had a very small leak, but seems that leak got worse. I made it to the 7-11 and tried to tape up the value stem (that is where the leak was coming from) and put air in the tire. Well, I could still hear the air coming out. Off to Sears I go to get a tire. Key word ...A Tire. Well, all 4 tires were going. Dry rot I think he said on 2 of them? And one had ripple effects going on. Later talking to my mom, we do not think I have changed them since I have had the car? I know I did one, but could have sworn I have at least once. But guess not. So, I guess that was good, they have been on the car and I have 77xxx miles on the car. I was there an hour and 15 mins. 3 people came and went, and I was the 2nd person there. It was the guys third day there, he transfered from another location. He still had two tires to go, and I asked them to please check to see when he thought he would be done since I am now already 2 hours late to work. The guy copped an attitude with the guy. Seems they have already had 2 other issues with him before that, they took him off the garage floor when he finished with my car. Not sure what happened. I feel bad a little bit, but since I was there so long I had to say something.

Work was so darn busy today. There was this Code freeze where no new codes could be built for the last three weeks. That ended Friday, so today email after email asking for new codes to be built. I could not get one done before more kept coming in. I was wishing the day would end. About 4pm had a meeting with the Director of CS, Director of Biz Ops, and the General Manager of Hills region....what a meeting. Have another one Friday morning at 10am. Gotta remember that we also have an All Employee meeting Friday morning at 7:30am. Someone asked me today if things have lightened up since the migration is now over with. That would be a NO! We are still down 2 people, Great thing is I can still get over time. So I can not complain at all. And it helps make the day fly by.

Well, lots of things to do. Better get busy. I blogged two days in a row...proud of me?


Jenn(ifer) said...

Your tired did look rough. Josh & I were both concerned about them. We couldn't believe you had lasted all the way up from Tampa on them, actually. Actually, its against the law now for any place to put just one tire on - they must put all 4 tires on! We found that out w/ D's truck last month. I'm glad you got the tires though. That will help with gas mileage and all.

Cheryl said...

Poop. what a drag. Glad you got them fixed so you didn't have any more trouble.

:Jayne said...

Glad you blogged two days in a row, now I guess I'll have to.
Sorry bout the tires.


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