Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yep, should not have done my hair

It is not bad, but the grey is still showing. Yep, I knew I should not have done my hair myself. I tried a new one that I thought would work great, wrong. Should have known when it said to put the dye 1 inch from your scalp for 10 mins. Ok, my roots and grey is at the scalp. How can that get covered if you dont put it there first? I read the box 4 times to make sure it said to do that. Well, yes it did - but I still should have done it the other way around like I always do. So, When I ever go get my hair cut I will get her to dye it too. I just realized I have not had my hair cut since before the Cruise! Yes, before the Cruise months ago. No wonder it is getting so long - ya think?

I know you all read Kips blog, does she know how to celebrate a birthday or what? Wonderful friends helping to make her birthday the way it should be....wonderful. Hope the celebration continues all week. Seeing ya this weekend too.

Mom comes home tomorrow. She is having fun, I can hear it in her voice. She was on her way back to New York this morning. She got her Lobster! Her best friend Betty always has Lobster for her, and she did not let her down. She visited with her, and her cousin Emily. Funny thing about Emily, they went to school together - but many years later when my mom was digging into her family tree found out that they are actually related. She also went back and visited with her sister Amy while Mary went to Salem. Oh, I will try not to yell at her too much....I cleaned off my memory card for her to take pictures......she keeps forgetting to take pictures. WTF? She went to see Amy Sunday - did not take pictures, luckily she went back and took some the next day.

Yes, I am pathic......I am watching the new Beverly Hills 90210! Yes, I watch very gross horror movies, go see teenny bopper flicks, and now watch Beverly Hills 90210. If you have not realized it by now - I am a little on the odd side. But that makes me unique and different? Gotta escape somewhere some how.So far 10 mins and bad acting. Only great thing about it is that Rob Estes is in it. From Melrose Place and Silk Stalkings. Hottie! You knew there had to be a catch somewhere.

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