Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to normal Wednesday Blogs

Kiefer Sutherland! There is just something about him. I have had a major crush on him since Lost Boys (do not waste your time on the second one right to DVD for a reason). I think he is sexy and there is just something about his voice too. Just talk to me baby! Yes, I am a big 24 fan - not just because he is in it - but it is a good show too.

If you have not heard by is Kip's birthday. Today is the actual day, but since she is so special to all of us the celebrating has already begun! And will contine all week. Hope your day is special and wonderful.

Gotta run, going to try to get out of here early lots of things to do. Was here at 6am today.

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Teri said...

HUGE Kiefer fan here!!! LOVE HIM! Can't wait for 24 in January!!