Monday, September 01, 2008

So far so bad

Ok so far I have killed the washer machine, possibily the dryer, and maybe the shower rod! I went to do laundry and it was making odd noises and smoking a little. Just wanted to do 2 loads. Lots of water still on the clothes. So, I am not sure if it was too much water still on them and so they wont dry - or the dryer is shot too? Now if you know the washer is going, why on earth would you still try to do the second load? Maybe because your stupid? Well that would be me! Yep I tried to do the second load hoping that they would wash before it totally dies. No such luck! So, now I have clothes that wont dry and clothes that need to dry. I took out most of the heavy (fat) clothes and have them hanging to dry. Do not have a clothes line so I have to dry them in the house. Now stupid move number two.....a shower rod is not meant to hold the weight of heavy clothes! Yep down it comes! Now it will not stay back up. I have clothes hanging in doorways. Spread them out so I wont break the damn door frames too. I hope they dry or I will be wearing wet clothes to work tomorrow. I could go to the laundry mat, but I have too much more to do around here. Fingers crossed taking the heavy clothes out of the dryer will let the others dry so I know it is not the dryer gone too. Lets see what all else I can break and or tear up? Didnt I just say yesterday I was almost on full track. Well, this just put me behind. Wonder if they have a HUGH coupon for a washer machine? Mayve a buy a washer get a dryer free? Or buy a washer get a stove free? Yep, it is almost dead too. Did I ever tell you how much I HATE September? And yep it is September 1st! Wake me up when September ends!


:Jayne said...

Just wonderin', did ya try to color your hair? Did IT come out okay?? LOL! If ya haven't tried, I don't know if I would at this point.

Jenn(ifer) said...

LMAO! Ok, I know its not funny, but the way you worded it was WAY too funny.

I'm telling you FREECYCLE!!!!! Up here there is ALWAYS someone offering a free washer/dryer and all you have to do is PICK THEM UP. Being where you live, you should have a flood of offers for things. You can even put in a request for one of the items & see what comes from it. Also, try craigslist & even Ebay locally.

Cheryl said...

Yes..what jennifer said. If need be we could borrow Larrys Truck to do the P/U..a little gas $ and it's good to go.