Monday, September 08, 2008

Hoe Down, Auditors, and Hilary Clinton

Try to make this short, but long time no post.

Friday: Rode down to the Hoe Down with Linda, Kathy, and Kip. That alone was fun. Poor Kip kept calling people and they would not answer. We were teasing her about it. I told her to call me, I would answer. Well, I almost did not answer - I felt bad! Got to the Hoe Down and it was decorated so nice! They went all out. Dee and I went over to the bar in the same plaza as the HD. Planned on just one drink, well about 3 or 4 later and 5 roses bought for me later (the lady sitting next to us) we left.

Saturday: Made a really cool albumn with great techniques that Gerri Anne created. She is so talented. Since I was finally relaxed a headache kicked in, and kept progressing. Janie was nice enough to bring me back to the hotel. I tried to hang in there but couldnt. Took a pill and went to sleep. Did not even hear Linda or Kathy when they came in. No it was not a hangover. It was the bad word. This is why I left Customer service before. I used to work tons of time and when I would relax the body reacted. I had headaches every few days and for weeks at end. Luckily I only have one more week of this and then I will be back to normal.

Sunday: Made the coolest cards. Loved them. I love making cards, and these were really cool! Would love to make more but the concept is a bit expensive. Did not make the layout, will make it when we are at Ruskin in a few weeks. The whole crop was well done. Barb cracks me up, but she was full steam ahead at this one. Pictures are on Kips site.

Monday: Did not want to get up, had to drag myself out of bed. Work went some what better than I thought. All going decent, just a few minor hicups. Then just when I thought the coast was clear - they did sit an auditor with me. Famous last words..I have just a few questions! 3 hours later and beyond time for me to leave I still had her sitting with me. They are here all week long. And we have the turn over that I have to get ready for. UGH. So much for telling them "I can not have them sit with me". Did not even make it one day. Finally got to leave work, on the way home I was driving down one road close to home and there was all these cars all down the road. Thought maybe it was for the school, nope it was for the YMCA place close to the school. Called home to see what was up, as I saw a lot of people that had "Change" t-shirts. Found out after the fact that Hilary was in town speaking, and that is what I was driving by. There were so many cars if I would have known I would have stopped. And I would have demanded to have left work earlier. Darn it! Now just typing this and watching the Country whatever that is on. Carrie Underwood is just too darn cute and talented.

Well, enough for now. tons more - but will wait. Thanks so much for the great weekend and fabulous birthday!


Denita said...

Glad you had fun Michele! I can't believe that you had never had a rose bought for you before!!!!! OMG

See you soon,

Cheryl said...

I thought it was funny when a woman bought me drinks before but NO one ever bought me roses in a bar!!

Sorry about the headache. Glad you had fun anyway.