Friday, September 05, 2008

Hoe Down Bound

It is Friday and Hoe Down bound in a few hours! Yes, I caved and checked my work emails - glad I did there was 6 things sent just to me so I had to forward them on. I did not take care of the items but I did see to it that they will be taken care of. That is a hugh step for me!

In just a little bit I will be joinging Linda and Kathy, to head over to get Kip. Then the weekend fun begins. Guess we are stopping a few places on the way? That is fine with me. Sounds like a couple of nice places, would like to see the stamp store for sure. Read that they close for 2 weeks about this time - hope not. Just called the store - and yep got a recording that they are closed til on or about September 11th. Well, I think they need to just open up for us! We are special people!

Actually got a birthday kiss on the cheek from Cody...that is a miracle! He is already gone off for the day to watch some horror movies at a friends dorm room. See him Sunday maybe.

Quickly packed hope I remembered everything. If not it is ok - go with the flow and relaxing weekend! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I plan to. Scrappin and great friends (will be missing some others that will not be there!)

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Have a GREAT time with your friends. I know you will!!! We love you. Miss you.