Thursday, September 11, 2008

My wonderings, my thoughts, my opionions

Disclamer.....May not agree with me....these are my thoughts and my opionion..May not like them or agree...but remember this is just my thought I wanted to blog ......

Today is a very sad day..reflecting back on this day is so sad to think of all that was lost this morning. I listen to the USF radio station in the car - lots of news and classical music. Well this morning they had about it being 9/11. Then in the next breath they started talking about the drought that Afghanistan is going through, so we are going to send them some wheat? Thought I heard it incorrectly so I googled it. And yes we are. Says..."THE US government has promised to send 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan to avert what a charity has called a 'race against time' to avert a looming humanitarian disaster". Now isnt this the same place that we have been at war since Oct 2001? Wasn't it the purpose of the invasion was to capture Osama bin Laden, destroy al-Qaeda, and remove the Taliban regime which had provided support and safe harbor to al-Qaeda? Almost 7 years later we still can not find him or stop the violence or killings, and yet we send them food? I know it is probablly the right thing to do, however....... there are thousands of people starving people right here in the US. The US is in a major money crunch, there are tons of problems here that need to be fixed. So we have on the news today of all days that we are going to help them country? Am I missing something?

Then next thing I hear is about that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issue. Have you been listening to that too? Man now I remember why I do not read the news, watch the news, or listen to the news. UGH

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Jenn(ifer) said...

While I do get your point, at the same time we are sending wheat to the country, the President ordered air raids against Afghanistan & some people were killed as a result. So, I guess they are trying to tell the civillian's "Sorry we're killing you" and using wheat as a peace offering. Its a tricky situation. I want to believe that some of our news is Propaganda & our media/government is trying to scare the hell out of us. Honestly, we're living in 'end times' and we all need to be on our knees praying to God for our salvation. It may not be tomorrow, but we all need to be ready.