Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now I know why I love Salem Mass

My mom is big into searching our family tree. Already found that our family was on the Mayflower, and now something that really excites me........ we are related to Roger Conant. Who is he you may ask? Well, I will tell you.....Roger Conant (1592–1679), leader of the company of fishermen who founded Salem, Massachusetts! Here is a picture of the statue that is in Salem. And the funny thing is.. that Bed and Breakfast that is in the background is where Cody, Aunt Mary, and I stayed a few years ago. Man I wish we would have known then what we know now. Yes I did take pictures of it, but would have done more digging into the history like we did when we went to Plymouth.


:Jayne said...

That's neat! Isn't it interesting researching family trees? I find the most interesting things out.


Cheryl said...

You didn't tell me that???? I didn't read blogs all weekend so am just finding this out.