Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday night catch up

OK, so yesterday I was at the Division office over in St Spete. Once before I was Rouban Rouge and went to Wihimsodoodle and remembered passing my office. I decided since they were having a sale I would go there, BIG MISTAKE. I missed a turn went about 15 miles out of the way before I realized I was not on the right road. Turned around, but then turned again wrong. I ended up in Dunedin. Then I was looking for 19, well Alt 19 is not the 19 I needed. So again wrong! Finally decided to turn onto a major street cause I knew that 19 and Alt 19 ran the same direction. Finally made it to Alt 19, and it was just about the area I knew, so I was good to go. Just half an hour of wasted gas and time. Made it to RR and there was only a few people there. They had the whole store on sale 40percent off and then lots of stuff 75% off. Alot of Tim Holtz stuff. All of his metal storage stuff. some ruler books - mainly the refills, all of the Martha Stewart stuff, some EK adhesive, and all the Quickutz. Did not think of it until afterward - but that probablly included fonts. I bought some Qk's, the adhesive (some for me and my mom since they ended up being 2.75 each), the distress ink holder, and a few other things. I only bought one item that was 40% all the rest was 75% - so I think I did ok.

Three day weekend. I am so glad, I will have to do a little bit of work this weekend - but better at home then at work. 2 more weeks and then the moment of truth. The system upgrade will be here - and then it will be smooth sailing after that. Man I can not wait!

Werll, I hope everyone have a safe fun fuilled weekend. Got lots planned, hopefully I will get it done.

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