Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yes, $140.00 goes a long way with coupons

Yes, I am going to blog about my shopping today. I am way too excited not to share. I went to CVS, Publix, and Walmart and between the three stores I spent $140.00 but saved $167.96. Yes, I saved more than I spent. And at CVS I got back 27.98 in ECB to spend another day.

First I went to CVS, saved and earned. Coming back home I went ahead and stopped at Publix since they have Ground Chuck on sale for 1.97lb. I did not plan on shopping there since I did not map out a plan of attack. Well, I walked by and saw they had B1G1 of Glade plug ins, and on the boxes they had a coupong to get it free up to 4.99. Well, I put 8 in my cart - only paid 2.00 for all 8. Since they were 5.49 and she only took off 4.99 on the 4 of them - the other 4 was free. They had lipstick on sale for 4.99, they had a 2.00 off coupon in their flyer and then a 1.50 off stckie on them. So the 4.99 became 1.49 (bought 3) Ketchup 2 for $4 - no coupon - but a in store coupon that when I bought 2 of the Heinz I would get a free thing of hot dog buns. Salt and peper grinder thingy on sale for 1.79 then a coupon to B1G1 free. Bertolli dinners on sale for 5.99 and I had a 2.00 off coupon.Lawry Marinade B1G1 free at 2.79 each and I had 2 1.00 off coupons so I spent 79cents for the 2. So it ended up... Store coupons 11.99, vendor coupons 27.75, ad specials 39.28, advantage buys 40cents, in store special savings 1.61 for a total of $80.93 saved at Publix. $40.62 out of pocket and that was with 5 things of meat and 2 other meal items. So, I came home and cleaned out my coupons of all the expired ones and gathered up the ones that would be expiring today that I could use. Off to Walmart I went. I heard that if you use 40 yes forty or more coupons they have to have a CSM come over and do the little key flicky thing. I have never had that happen....until today. I bought 54 items and used 43 coupons. Yes, I had a coupon for almost every item I bought. And the best part was some of those coupons was for the same price of the coupon. Vallasic relish 1.00 had 1.00off, fem product was 1.00 had a 1.00off coupon there too. Some items was next to free. Pasta was 1.50 and I had a 1.00 coupon - so only 50cents.oatmeal 2.76 had a 2.00off. Sub total before coupns was 113.48 after coupons was 67.94 and then tax so out of pocket was $72.30. It was alot since I also bought lots of big cost items with little off coupons. Got Cody some manly soap and shampoo (yes coupons was expiring today). Pretty happy with all the savings. Oh yeah, one more trip to CVS after Walmart. I found some coupons for Dawn dish liquid that was expiring today, and CVS has it for .99cents for the small ones. Well, 50cents off making them .49cents each - could not let that coupon expire.

I missed out using the 10.00 off at Walgreens (thanks Teresa for sending it). I had planned on going, but missed it. And last night I read on line that they had a 7 megapixal camera on sale for 69.99 - use the 10.00 off making it 59.99, and to top that off they had a 40.00rebate. So, a 7 megapixal digital camera would have only been $19.99! Yes kicking myself for that one. I read it at 11.45pm and the sale would have been over at midnight. Yes, I was tempted to go in my PJ's - but I did not.

Man do coupons help, wish I would have remembered them all along especially when I was not getting overtime. Between coupons and overtime. I am just about back on track. Bills are getting paid on time atleast, first time in months. Have had a couple of set backs - but I am still on track. Luckily it will be 2 or 3 more paychecks that I am sure I will get overtime on. After this migration at work - it may go back to no overtime. But will wait and see. I am happy for any and all I can get right now.

So, watching the weather all day. Fingers crossed that it will not be as bad as they are thinking when it hits land. Lots of people are gout of NO, and then lots are still there and at bars. They are having Hurricans before the Hurricans at Pat O'Brians. Tomorrow we will know lots more. Fingers crossed it will not shift crom its current path and it will stau down at a 3 or less. Kip can vouch - always huricans between the 1st and the 5th - hits both our birthdays. Hopefully all those others are gone - they have not said anything lately - the newscasters just worried about this one first.

Since I have a book going here, I better close for now. So glad I do not have to work tomorrow. Might do a little so I am not overwhelmed at work on Tuesday. Besides that I am off on Friday so I only actually have a 2 day week - cause Thursday I will be at Division again. Man I am screwed I just realized!

Make the most of it


Scrappin' Jackie said...

congrats on the coupons...girl after my own heart. i got 4 loaves of bread for FREE yesterday and had some woman i have never met before hug and kiss me at supercenter cause i gave her two coupons for free bread and she just couldn't believe it. wow, to make someone feel that good for $4

someone always has it worse than you do, that is my motto.

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

you sure are doing good w/ your coupons...congrats!!!!!