Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday blah!

I made it to work, not sure how long I will last. I hurt to breathe, to talk, to laugh, and just plain hurt all over! Now let's rewind so you will know why...

Saturday went to the Scrapyard crop that was both Saturday and Sunday. Had a great time, got all of my Halloween cards done, and some for Jennifer's threesome to give out to classmates. Also, have about 17 Thanksgiving cards almost done. Have to stamp them and then they are done. Went to see Mamma MIa with Cheryl Saturday night, she loved it! I knew she would. Oh, to all of you guys that say "stay til the very end after credits" - you lied! There is one bit that comes after just a little bit of the credits, but there is nothing after all of the credits. Cheryl and I stayed, and there was nothing. We got to watch the people clean the theathre and sing the ending songs. Started getting a slight headache Saturday night.

Sunday morning woke up it was still a minor one, did not think it would turn out full way. Man was I wrong. It turned into the throwing up can not move one (sorry). I threw up about 8 times before my mom made it to come get me. Laid the seat back in the car rode home - made it to almost the door and had to again. Scared Cody, and I guess he then beleived me that I did not feel well. I attempted to get up 2 times yesterday, but did not make it.

I really want to go home, but can not! And the day is getting worse by the moment - work wise. I am in no mood, people are on my last nerve - and I just want to be left alone and get my work done for once.

Well, better run before I vent more. Have a great day


Cheryl said...

So sorry again that you got so sick. We had fun til then!

Feel better & I'll see ya soon.

Kip said...

You poor thing..those headaches are the pits!