Monday, August 11, 2008

My Aunt Mary is the best

I was going to wait til tomorrow but could not wait to post. I was on the way home from work (left a few hours early could not make it) and my mom called. She said "I just got an email and I want to read it to you", by the tone of her voice it sounded like it was going to be good news. The email she got said.. Hi Alice: Hope you check your e-mail. I plan to go to New England over Labor Day week-end. Would you go with me if I send you a plane ticket to here and then ride up there? I've checked Southwest and you could fly nonstop from Tampa to Buffalo. The dates I've checked on are leaving Tampa Aug. 27th and return Sept. 3rd (both Weds.) Of course, I could check for a longer stay if you want. I don't mind going to Mass to see Skip by myself, but I hate to go down Maine to visit by myself. I'll buy your plane ticket if you want to go. Just need to know ASAP before prices change. Later, MAD

Yep, my mom is getting to get out of the house, out of state and see family members that she has not seen in 5 years! She will get to also spend time with her sister that she really does not get to spend much time with, maybe a day or two ere and there. Our aunt Esther in Maine is 94 and not in good health, so it is really great that she will get to see her. A little jealous that she is going, Massachuettes and New York are my favorite places to go. And it has been forever since I have been to Maine. But it is great that she is going and by herself with her sister! Poor Oscar is not going to know what to think? He is used to me leaving, but she has never been gone more than a day since he has been here.


:Jayne said...

I hope you get feeling better soon! How exciting for your Mom! I hope she has a great time! Make sure she takes lots of pictures!


Cheryl said...

WOW. Guess if our mother was speaking to me I'd have heard about this wonderful news instead of reading about it on your blog.

I think this is fabulous! So glad she is going. Sounds like a wonderful time will be had by the Dolliver gals.

Kip said...

YAY ALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!