Friday, August 08, 2008

Maryland Cop's SUCK!!!

I usually do not listen to the news, well made the mistake of listening and watching today. I am sure you have also heard but in case you have not.... Seems that there was a drug scheme involved shipping drugs to unsuspecting people's homes and intercepting the packages. Well,, a Mayor in Maryland was a victim of the drug ring. A different town's Police Department was in charge of the raid, and the sheriff's special operations team was assisting. The Mayor set the package aside after it arrived at his home and didn't open it. He was changing clothes and preparing to attend a community meeting when "the door flew open. And gunfire started. There was a brief pause and more gunfire, he was brought downstairs at gunpoint while in his boxer shorts, handcuffed and forced to kneel on the floor along with his mother-in-law. Then, he noticed his two dead dogs lying in pools of their own blood. They were Black Labs! The wife even said that one of the dogs was shot as he was running away from the cops. The poor things were probably scared since their front door was just kicked in and was running for cover. There was no need what so ever to shoot the dogs! And the mother who was there cooking was handcuffed and forced to the ground and had to even lay next to one of the dogs. And the saddest thing of all nothing will be done to the police that used the over the top raid. I just can not get over them killing the dogs. Labs, running away from you Labs. Coming at them would be one thing in a attack mode, but running scared for cover? Give me a F'ng break! OK, need to get off that thought, cause I am just so damn pist!

Watching the opening Olympics - so far really cool! Over the top! I should be packing for this weekend. I have a weekend crop tomorrow morning with my sister - and I have not packed clothes - or things to work on. Since I do not have my pictures yet, I figured I will just go ahead and do cards. Will start on Halloween, then move onto Thanksgiving, and then if I actually do those I will start on Christmas. Since I usually make about 200 Christmas Cards, guess I better get started. Would be great to get a jump start and actually get a few done.

Sending out Hugs to Ginni, and Birthday wishes to Cathy. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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