Thursday, August 07, 2008

Don't you know I have an addictive personality?

I tend to go overboard on some things. Well, thanks to my great friends I am now addicted to Facebook. I have a MySpace page and I have this blog that I can not even keep up with, and yet now I have a Facebook. Found out I had one before, but under a hidden identy. So when I went to actually join it would not let me. Well, with the help of friends and determantion on my part - I am up and RUNNING! I have tons of things to do and get caught up on, and yet I am drawn to the games they have. WOW!

I am going to a crop this weekend with my sister, it is the Scrapyard 4th Annual All-Day Crop. It actually turned into two days, Saturday and Sunday. I came home from work on time - which gave me plenty of time to gather things I would like to work on. And yet - I was on Facebook, reading blogs, and reading emails. Still no pictures developed. I guess with my next paycheck I need to get ALOT of pictures developed. I am hoping that maybe they will have a photo sale. I do not have any credits anywhere. I need to look into that Artcow site. I wonder if I still have them? I just do not know what I am going to do. Might do that whole layout thing like I did before in Orlando where I was able to get about 50 layouts done. Who knows, I am not really in the scrappin mood thanks to work.

The boys had their first day at school today. Jennifer had a rough time as all three are in school this year. So far Tyler says he does not like it, Dylan has a bully, but Gavin just loves it. That is major for him! So, I hope he continues to love it. Jennfers best friend Heathers little girl is in the same calss with Gavin, so he already has a friend. She will put Gavin in his place if he has any issues I am sure. She is too adorable!

Ok, gonna run and check out more blogs - maybe some scrappin ones to get me motivated. And watch Big Brother. It is kick out night! Lets see who the next victem is

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