Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy movie day

I did not do a darn thing today! Oscar got me up early, I planned on sleeping in - but he did let me sleep til 7am. Thought about going back to bed but decided against it. Looked at the coupons, and need to start planning them out. I have been reading on all these sites where people are saving all kinds of money from using coupons. I save some, but nothing like these people. I really need to start being like them! Need tp stock on on things, so when I can not be like them - atleast I will have the item on hand. Lots of samples too! My mailman is not going to like me in about 4-6 weeks lol.

Instead of going back to bed it was a lounge in bed and watch movies day. I watched alot of them, but some were bits and peices. First one was Freedom Writters. It was a good touching movie, based on a real teacher. After that I watched Constant Garder. That was good too, I missed about 30 mins of it - will try to catch what I missed. Next was the end of Dirty Dancing - yep right at "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"! Since I watched two serious movies, flipping thru I came across Firehouse Dog - yes I watched the rest of it. Told you I watch all kinds of things. I checked a few more blogs to give the movie day a rest. Decided to take a nap, but then got sucked into Dirty Dancing starting again. That is one movie I can watch a zillion times and never get tired of it. So no nap for me. Missed the first part of Big Brother since it started back tonight. Oh well. Might tape the "After Dark" to see what the cast this time is about.

Gonna maybe try to make it a early night. Checking mail and blogs one last time. Will try to get off of here by 10pm. Attempt at falling asleep early. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Look forward to a good week. Count down to midnight showing of Dark Knight is on!

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Kip said...

I caught Big Brother and there's a lot of guys on there that are yuck, IMHO!