Friday, July 11, 2008


Friday and very happy! Will try to be quick for the catch up...

Thursday went to Divison in St Pete for my meeting it was supposed to be from 11-4 but was only 11-2. Left there and called my tmp boss Scott and told him I was pulling a Mike and not come back to work after the meeting. Left it on voice mail, but he was fine with it. Did end up taking work to Alexis almost the whole way driving from St Pete to Lakeland. And even once when I was in Lakeland. My Aunt Mary was here from New York, just a quick trip as she is already back home. She came over here and got Cody and my mom, so I had to go over there and get them. Had a nice short visit, but always love seeing her - some time is better than no time. We went out to eat at this place called Fred's Market. It is a buffet that the Fred of Buddy Freddy's started. Seems he is doing good as they have 3 going on 4 now. Good southern cooking! Very yummy, They had a non alacholic Bananas foster for desert! Oh yes even fried green tomotoes on the buffet - but ran out and I did not get one. Cody did and he said it was really good. Couldnt compair to the wonderful ones Linda and Elle makes. I am sure it would not have been as good!

Today was free slurpee day at 7-11 being that it is 7-11 (too cute huh). I went to one 7-11 the way to work - I over slept and was tired needed a pick me up. They did not have the cups out, they brought them out for me so I had my fav banana. On the way back to work I told my friend so we stopped at the one near work. This time I tried the mango whatever that was very sour. Then leaving work she was like - lets go to 7-11 again. So we went, I tried the "Monster" flavor. did not care for that. The lady at the 7-11 laughed and told me to get a different kind. Alexis is a "mixer" kind of gal so she made me one of banana, coke, and cherry coke. It was good. So, got home got my Publix coupon since it expires today, off to Publix I went. But on the way to Publix was -yes- another 7-11. Had Cody with me so we stopped and yes I got another. They had pina colada at that one but it ran out half cup. Drank that, and then did a mix of just banana and coke. So, all in all I went to 7-11 4 times, and none was out of the way. I have not had a slurpee in years, so I got my fill. And do not need one again for years.

Tomorrow will be Sarasota crop. Just love that crop so much! Great place, great company, Stacy and Michelle are just wonderful - and get a visit from Statcy's dad usually. He is just the best too! Have not heard whats for the good eats...but I know it will be great. Probablly work on some cards again. Totally forgot with all the stuff I was printing out today - forgot to print that card maps page that Kip reminded me of. Darn it! Oh well. Will figure some other way to cheat at the cards lol

Well, ended up not being short, but what do you expect of me? Hope everyone has a wonderful night and a excellent weekend.

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Kip said...

TOO funny about the slurpees!!! Wish I was with you guys today.